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World's Seven Chakras

Chapter II
Seven Chakras of the Earth
As above, so below

Verba secretorum Hermetis verum, sine mendacio, certum et verissimum:
quod est inferius est sicut quod est superius;
et quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius,
ad perpetranda miracula rei unius.
- Tabula Smaragdina

(It is true and without deceit, certain and most true: What is below is like what is above and what is above is like unto what is below and by these things occurs the miracle of just one thing)*

According to this famous quotation, what is above is like what happens below and vice-versa. This is the key to understanding the unity of everything in the Universe”[1]. In chapter one we discussed the Sacredness of Y-Guassu according to the Guarani shamanic tradition and the vision that Y-Guassu is something that does not need names. The River, the Falls, the Mist, Rain, Thunder are all connected to water. And even you – with your physical, supposedly material body made up of 80% water. This is a water world.

In this chapter we wish to reafirm the Sacredness of Y-Guassu [Falls] also from other world perspectives. And one such perspectives is the one that uses the concept of Chakras or energy vortexes both in the human body and on the Planet or anywhere in the Universe. According to hindu beliefs our subtle body contains over 70.000 subtle energy channels – called nadis – that transport the vital life force called Prana to all parts of the subtle body. In several places, many of those thousands of channels (nadis) intersect forming the matrix of the subtle body. These major intersections are called chakras. Our gross bodies are formed from the manifestation of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) around these intersections or chakras. In the human subtle body there are seven major chakras and each is associated with specific functions of the physical body.

Likewise the material Earth, the Universe, the stars, insects and everything else that there exists work according to this very same principle. The Earth has a subtle body with thousands of subtle energy channels that transport this Earth energy to the whole Planet and to the conscious part of the Earth who are its people. Those thousands of Earth’s subtle energy channels do intersect in hundreds or thousands of places. And as it is with the body of humans so it is with the body of the Earth. Each of these intersections are power or energy vortexes also called chakras. The body of our physical Earth began to manifest itself from this subtle energy matrix.

Iguassu Falls, or plainly Y-Guassu, in the shamanic Path, is one such Chakra of the Earth. Y-Guassu is one of these Power Vortexes of the Earth and, why not, of the Universe. This Power or Subtle Energy Vortex is ready to act on your complex systems of personal chakras – or personal votexes of personal subtle universal energies. Even people who are completely unaware or even totally unconscious of this will report that they have felt elated or great at Y-guassu. Many people cry. Many people say that they feel the presence of God. Many people remember important things in their lives – things that are invaluably important for them. Very few people will ever stand before Y-Guassu without witnessing something special.

There are thousands of Power Places or Places of Peace and Power around the Earth. Esoteric traditions single out seven such places to be the seven main chakras of the Earth. The chakras as singled out by different traditions may vary. But most people accept the seven main Chakras of the Earth as being: Mount Shasta, Lake Titicaca, Uluro Kattjuta, Glastonbury, Great Pyramid, Kuh-e-Malek Siah and Mount Kailash. Mount Shasta in California (USA) is the Chakra number one, Lake Titicaca in today’s Bolivia and Peru is Chakra number two, Uluro Kattjuta in Australia is Chakra number three, Glastonbury in England is Chakra number four, the Great Piramyd of Khufu in Egypt is Chakra number five, the little known and somewhat troubled mountain of Kuh-e-Malek Siah at the Triple Border area of Iran-Pakistan-Afeghanistan is Chakra number six and the glorious Mount Kailash in Tibet is chakra of the Earth number seven.

There are still big auxiliary chakras connected to the five elements and many other chakras around the world honored as Sacred Sites, or Sacred Places of Peace and Power. Y-Guassu is one of these sacred auxiliary sacred sites along with Machu Pichu, hundreds of Scred sites dotting the Andean Mountains from what today is Chile all the way to Colombia, in the Amazon jungle, as well as in the Brazilian central plateau which includes the city of Brasília. Unfortunately this book does not have enough room to explore all of these Sacred Places and important energy vortexes in South America or even Brazil.

But what we can do and will do right now is to ask you to help the Y-Guassu Power Vortex to become stronger so that It can help more people in their personal processes of personal healing, group healing and the healing of the Planet which is both urgent and necessary.

As we have lamented in the beginning of this book, the idea of Y-Guassu as a Place of Peace and Power, a Sacred Place or a Vortex of Divine Energy has lost ground and, throughout the last century, has only been seen as a tourist destination whose only mission was to be able to compete with Disneyworld or with man-built infrastructure around Niagara Falls and to able to provide money for those members of a minority who had been lucky enough to arrive in time to grab the best piece of the cake.

What the Earth’s Power Place Y-Guassu needs right now is the help of your intent or intention. It needs that you enter the Sacred Place with an open heart, open head, open spirit and aware that the place is full of energy for you and that you may take all the energy being offered, keep part of it, circulate it, send as a gift to the people you love, to the countries who need and to the Earth that also needs our love. Y-Guassu is a limitless source of Pranic Creative Mist Energy.

That brings to mind that part of Our Lord’s Prayer that says: “Let your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven”. Again the below-as-above model. All the big principles of life occurs likewise all over the universe – in the as-below-like-above fashion. There is just one law. According to most of the Earth traditions, the human body has thousands of power points that serve the purpose of processing the huge universal energies that allows us all to be alive. To these traditions, the human body has seven major energy points called chakras. In a similar fashion, as Trimegistus’ law of what is below is like that which is above and vice-versa, we are perfect copies of the universe, the planet and solar systems. The Earth as a living organism also has these major seven chacras – or power places just like our subtle bodies.

Esoteric traditions believe in this and even goes to the extent of pinpointing which places of the Earth are such main power places. In this sense Mountain Shasta, in California is the world chacra number one and corresponds to the Chakra number one in the human body known is the Base Chakra.

The Titicaca Lake on the border of Bolivia and Peru is Earth’s Chakra number two and corresponding to your Chakra number two known as the Navel Chakra.

Across the Pacific Ocean and more specifically in today’s Australia, we will find the Earth’s Chakra number three. It is the Uluro Kattjuta formations known by the name of Ayers Rock and the Olgas both part of the Uluro Kattjuta National Park. This chakra of the Earth corresponds to your third Chakra also as the Solar Plexus chakra.

Earth’s chakra number four is a long distance away from Uluro Kattjuta. It is locates in Glastonbury and Shaftesbury in the area of Sommerset, England. That is the Earth’s heart Chacra that corrrespond to your that very important Chakra in your body conneceted to your phsysical heart.

The Earth Chakra number five is the area of modern day Egypt where the Great Pyramid is located. The Pyramid itself is the Chacra. Its correspodence in your beautiful, god-given body is the area around your throat – the Throat Chakra. Similarly, the great pyramid as the Throat Chacra of the Earth

Chacra Six is the Kuh-e-malek Siah a not so tall mountain located in the Tri-point area of Iran, Afhganistan and Pakistan in the land of the Baluchi people.

Finally in this seven-chakra voyage across and around the body of the Earth we come to the Seventh Chakra, Mount Kailash in Tibet. A most sacred place for Hindus, Budhists and the prebuddhist, Shamanic bon po tradition. So we end this rather fast and short description of the Earth’s main seven chacras, revalidating Y-Guassu as an important auxiliary chakra of the Planet.

[1] This a free translation of the opening verse of Tabula Smaragdina


Lezlie With a Z. said...

Thank you for this post. Your blog came to me today and I am enjoying the information.

Light & Love

katalin said...

as I know, -according to His Holyness the Dalai Lama- the earth's heart chakra is in Hungary a mountain called Dobogókő (meaning: beating stone), where if you put your ear to the cliff, you can hear a heart beat. The Dalai Lama, the Lamas of Laos and Cambodgia, and several buddhist teachers and monks often go there.

Jackson Lima said...

Thank you Katalin, sorry for not having seen your comment before.

Jackson Lima said...

Thank you Lezlie, have a great 2010!

Coach Sharon said...

Amazing...thank you for this fabulous information!!!!!!!!!!

Vasilisa said...

I always thought that Earth's heart chakra is in Hungary.. But earlier today I learned the chakra in Glastonbury! Which one is the One????

SongoAryan said...
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SongoAryan said...

You have some right.
The truth is capital of Hungary Budapest were Hungarian Kigs lived is one of places of power.
The other one is in Poland in Crakow. There is located our Kings castle Wawel (Babel) near Wawel Dragon statue :) That catle is one of earth chacras and place of our kings burial. It's so all that noone knows who built it.
But one thing which is sure that slavic language is similar with sanskrit (samskryt = the one hidden, Veda = wiedza = knowledge), while hungarian is similar with summerian. Both nations created once one great Aryan empire staring from Polish and Russian lands throu Syberia, Iran endling in India and north China.
Have a nice day :)